Hells Hipsters

It’ll be a sad day when bikies start wearing skinny leg pants and growing whispy moustaches but I fear the day isn’t far off. From recent reports it would seem that the hipsters (read: us, because that’s who people think we are) have infiltrated the bikie gangs and are carrying out bicycle mounted attacks:

Police believe an man on a pushbike may be responsible for a shooting on a tattoo parlour on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. 

The front windows of the business on Brisbane Road in central Mooloolaba were blasted with two shotgun rounds just before 3:30am (AEST).

Read more at 7 Yahoo.

Here’s a photo of the offending hipster in action:

That’s either the man who shot the shop, a guy riding past around the same time, or a shadow of a man who rode past. Anyway way you look at it he (or she) is the police’ best suspect/eye-witness at the moment. They’ll have this case cracked in no time.

I believe he stopped in at the bikie clubhouse after the shooting for a soy-latte and a green shake.

The Gold Coast has a long and proud association with outlaw motorcycle clubs. For years the Finks clubhouse was down the road from me. I thought the name “Finks” was charmingly unoffensive. Then I read Professor Art Veno’s description of them as being one of the least disciplined and most dangerous clubs in Australia. That’s when I realised that what sounded like gunshots coming from the direction of their clubhouse really were gunshots. A neighbour who lived close to them confirmed with a nonchalant, “Oh yeah, didn’t you realise?” Saturday night was get drunk and fire off some rounds night.

Anyway, they never rode bicycles and they never took pot-shots at my house, so they were okay by me. As a motorcyclist the only time I was ever intimidated by bikies was when 40-odd pulled up beside me at the lights. The lights turned green and I stalled. Big brave me.

Speaking of pussies on bikes. My friend Jamie (the one I so recently defamed on my blog) sent me this video:

Gotta love them Go Pro things. I’m selling a Go Pro type jobby that’s pretty awesome but doesn’t have the Go Pro name, in case anyone is interested. No. Okay then.

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