Django Unedited: Isaw Camera Videos

I’ve had the Isaw A2 for a while now and I was thinking I might post you some of my better videos. Only problem is, they’re all pretty crap. You really can’t blame the camera for that. It takes amazing video and puts up with a lot of crap from me (like dropping it onto concrete getting out of the car). No, the problems with my video are two fold, poor video and editing skills (that’s one, not two okay) and no babes. As my post recently proved, there is almost no topic too dull that can’t be saved with the addition of babes.

I do have this cool photo though:

The good thing about still images is they don’t require any edited to retain their brevity. That photo is one in a series. I took it using the burst mode setting, which snaps 30 pics quick smart. (Bragging rights: the Go Pro White snaps 3 frames in burst mode. Hmmmm. Costs a lot more too.) In my younger days I was a short story writer and brevity was much discussed (though often ignored). I always thought you could take a good story and make it better by cutting and then cutting and then when you thought there was nothing left to cut…yep, cut again. Too bad my blogging lacks the same discipline. And my movie editing.

I begin to see how Quentin Tarantino movies are soooo long. Word has it that Pulp Fiction was originally edited in a different sequence, in chronological order, with the movie ending with the death of Vincent, one of the main characters. Producers (read: the guys with power and money) didn’t like that so it got re-edited into it’s current format. That story might be complete bullshit but it does highlight the fact that external pressures to cut shit can be good when moving images are concerned. Too fucking bad his reputation as auteur prevents any decent leverage to edit his latter films. Rumours are this guy was just supplying people who wanted to sit through Django Unchained.

And so to my movies. This first is shot in the realist tradition and expresses mans desire to transcend the meaninglessness of his dull existence.

Mountain bike ride Nerang State Forest from James Pollock on Vimeo.

Or something.

At ten minutes it’s not nearly as long as Django Unedited but at least that film had a plot. And characterization. And action.

My problem is I watch this mind-numbing crap and I’m engrossed. It’s me out there! And I watch it and I’m back out there. It might be 9pm on a wet mid-week but soon as I watch this my legs start pedaling involuntarily and my brake finger starts itching.

Not that I’ve watched it since I edited it together.

Takes bloody ages to edit stuff. And you have to watch and re-watch. Perhaps that too is the problem. It actually takes longer to edit stuff than it does to do it in the first place. The less editing you do the faster the editing process.

In case you’re still interested, I’ve also done some diving:

Spit Dive with Jamie shot on Isaw A2 Ace from James Pollock on Vimeo.

And some surfing:
straddy from James Pollock on Vimeo.
More surfing:
Surfers Session with Mike from James Pollock on Vimeo.

Perhaps my favorite video is from Christmas day. We took a bunch of photos, some on half second intervals, some in burst mode, most taken by the children, and stitched the whole lot together. As a patchwork record of Christmas day it turned out okay:

christmas 2012 from James Pollock on Vimeo.

Not sure about the waving arms. It got contagious.

This stuff was all done with the Isaw A2. I’m going to have a special on the Isaw A1 in a minute because the A3 is due out soon and quite frankly I don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of super-ceded cameras. I’ll try and get my hands on some footage from the A1. You can’t tell the difference between the 1080p footage of the A2 and the lower resolution of the A1 (especially after it’s post to Vimeo). It’s gonna be a cool camera at a great price.

Here’s my Isaw dive video from summer skin diving off The Spit.

Hopefully even get some fixie footage for you one day. 

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