Create Bikes Sneak Peek

The Create Bike fixie has arrived at SSGC HQ but hasn’t (really) been ridden yet. There was some talk about not needing to ride it for the review anyway. When a bike looks this good does it even matter how it rides? A full review will follow and no doubt I will ride it at some stage. In the meantime here are a few snaps to whet your appetite.

There are loads of thoughtful details gone into this bike. Casually casting an eye over is enough to let you know it’s a funky bike. But if you take a closer look you find there are little gems hidden in the details that show a playful and creative mind has been at work.

I didn’t add the flashy thing. It comes standard with the bike. As does the transparent seat with green rails.

Foot straps come standard too. It’s great to see a manufacturer inviting us to ride the bike fixed. I promptly flip flopped the rear wheel into fixed mode and did a lap of the driveway. It’s not my bike to remove bits from so the back break will have to stay.

Two green spokes and bullet valve caps. Someone had some fun putting this stuff together.
My photography didn’t do this one justice (but it rarely does!). Look closely and you’ll see that the chainring bolts are all different colours.
Full review coming some time soon.

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