Bike Safety Gets A Bad Rap

There are few things worse than bad rap. I should know, I posted one on my Facebook page for Ride2Work day. Combine bad rap with bike safety and you have an almost criminal level of intend to harm.

Just ask this guy:

A whole rap about lights? Who knew there was so much to say about bike lights?

(I’m assuming it’s a whole rap about lights. Maybe he gets into quantum physics near the end. It’s not like I watched the whole thing.)

But at least he’s not a member of the puppet regime propping up the helmet manufacturers:

If you ever read any of the anti-helmet law rants you’ll find that one of their gripes is that the laws are just a secret way of building revenue from bike sales. Once again a case of the powerful Bike Industrial Sector dominating government policy. (So…puppet regime. Get it? Oh forget it then.)

Helmet ranters often reckon compulsory helmets are a way of making cycling appear dangerous, thus preventing more people from taking up our wonderful pastime. I love helmets because they’re a perfect place to install a thin layer of tin foil so the government spy radars can’t read my thoughts.

I’m assuming that’s why this guy has a bicycle helmet on though I think he needs his tin foil upgraded because someone already inserted all sorts of crazy in his head.

I’m assuming he’s crazy but maybe he’s just incomprehensible.

At least our passtime doesn’t need a warning abut knives. Then we’d have to endure this rap. I can only assume is aimed at children with Tourette’s Syndrome:

Stay safe, stay out of reach of harmful rap songs and remember there is a difference between fresh and fly.

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