Chappelli Review Coming Soon

UPDATE: Chappelli Cycles bike published here.

The good folks at Chappelli have been kind enough to entrust me with one of their beautiful creations. Once I’ve had an opportunity to ride the bike I’ll let you know what I think of it. In the meantime here’s a video of the assembly. It’s made with the help of Magisto, which I’ve been loving, but in this case probably obscures some important details. And then there’s the rabbits. But it’s attractive to view so what else matters right?


Full review to follow at some stage soon. Given my current workload and the fact that I have to squeeze a month’s worth of SEO into 15 days, I probably won’t post much else in the next week or two. (Unless something pisses me off so much I have to write about it, which is just about everything, so perhaps I will post loads of stuff.)


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