fffixies for little tikes

The next big thing in fixies is little fixies. 
It’s so hard to bring kids up right these days. There’s no telling what they’ll get into. Drugs, stock broking, or worse, hybrids. Give the little tikes the start in life they deserve with a mini fixie.
These fixies from fffixie.com have gone through a hot wash and come out all shrunked. Probably the coolest thing in kids since Punky Brewster the bike is ready for road use with brakes, flat bars and coaster hub. Or you can flip flop, add some drops and have them racing track on the weekends.
Little people often fail to appreciate how cool their parents are. It can be such a waste of two perfectly wonderful haircuts to see your child getting being the dag he/she wants to be. You might not be able to force them to wear a beanie with a foppish bit of hair hanging out the front but you can at least get them into some cool wheels. If you’re the sort of person who likes to pretend there are practicalities behind your casual cool then fffixie got this sorted too. Compared with just about any other bike you’d buy a ten year old, the fffixie fixies are practical and reliable transport.

I bumped into Paul (above) at some kind of enviro festival I wandered into in Melbourne. It was one of those festivals where people tell you about the plastic water bottles they’re recycling and guest speakers lecture on how to grow sustainable everythings in a suburban backyard. Chappelli were there too.

Many kids get their introduction to cycling, or at least competitive cycling, on the track. The fffixie converts easily for the track. You know the drill. You flip-flop the rear and remove the brakes. You could easily have a child ride this to school during the week and have it ready for the track Saturday morning. The bike comes with a drop bar so you’re ready to go from day one. Kids love to ride and they love track. I was watching the local kids train the other day and they sure were having fun. They’d seen something in the bushes and about ten bikes were piled on the track as they poked at the bushes with a stick. Future cycle stars at work.

I reckon Paul’s onto something good here. There is a big hole where kids bikes are concerned. There are bikes gradually starting to fill that void but it’s still a big hole largely filled with cheap and crappy department store bikes at one end and BMX at the other. One thing I tell adults wanting to get into cycling is to get a good bike because riding a shitty bike isn’t any fun and if it isn’t fun you’re not going to keep it up. Same thing goes for kids I’m sure. With a fffixie you not only get a bike that’s simple and reliable, you also get something they’ll be happy to be seen on.

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