Chappelli Update

Proving that good bikes are really just a starting point, this Chappelli update has turned a good bike into something original and funky.

My mate Chris bought the Chappelli I reviewed recently.  It’s often hard to look at a bike and not imagine what you’d like to change. I suppose it’s a good process, our attempt to make the bike something genuine and original. In my own case I often wonder if it’s an inability to ever be satisfied. Chris says this bike’s finished so probably that doesn’t apply here. We’ll wait and see. When is finished ever really finished?

Bikes like the Chappelli present a good canvas for upgrading. In this case it went from this:

To this:

Chris has introduced gold everything to the bike. Seat post, pedals, brakes, stem and bars. And bell…
And of course there’s the tastefully overstated faux fur seat. Meow. 

The bike was finished off with silver straight blade forks. You’ll no doubt get a bit of toe overlap but I suspect it’ll be worth it, with sharper handling and sharper looks.

Now all we have to do it get Chris to trim his Ass Saver and fold it up out of view.

Chris asked me to mention Bike Obsession, who trimmed his steered tube, drilled out his brake holes and fitted it for just $50.

If you’ve given a bike a make-over, particularly a bike I’ve reviewed, please send us photos and a summary to

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