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In my other life, I’m a webmaster and SEO guru for Pogo. One of our long-time clients is Gold Coast airport transfers Black Label Transfers. The main guy there is Peter Jenkins, who I have known for over a decade. We used to do quite a bit of general IT work (yeah, fixing those ridiculously fickle devices so many of us work with every day, a loveless job to be sure). We first met Peter when helping him set up his office IT infrastructure.

At that time Peter had the website, Black Label Transfers, and a local guy (Dan Rippon) working on it. Peter wasn’t satisfied with that work. I have to be honest and say that the work he’d done was great and I was pleased to inherit the fruits of Dan’s labour. Dan was a great guy and helped me through the transition. You win some and you lose some in this world and Dan understood that this wasn’t about his work.

SEO Term Gold Coast Airport Transfers

The airport transfers business is a surprisingly competitive affair. In a business where Google searches are the differences between being busy and being silent, the airport transfers industry has got busy doing SEO. For years Peter relied on Adwords to bring in loads of business. But that has become an expensive way to chase passengers. Now sadly, when it comes to searches in Gold Coast airport transfers Black Label Transfers is languishing. Searches on that term found BLT in the low 20s. In an industry where it’s front page or bust, he was in effect nowhere to be found.

We’ve recently reconnected with Peter’s SEO work and we’re now trying to lift him onto the front page. There is always a fair bit of inertia when it comes to changing your position in Google. So much depends on historical factors, like your domain’s strength. This is measured by a complex range of factors including external links, Facebook and Google+ shares. Working with on-page content, external links, and social factors, we hope to vastly improve his position. We’re having some early success, with his ranking now in the mid-teens. That’s still effectively invisible to travelers looking for airport transfers, but a good sign that we’re working in the right direction.

Gold Coast Airport Transfers staff member PJ
Gold Coast Airport Transfers staff member PJ


SEO Term Brisbane Airport Transfers

The other term Peter is chasing is Brisbane Airport Transfers. Black Label Transfers would ideally like transfers from Brisbane to Gold Coast. These are the ones that are profitable for the company. It’s an expensive industry to run and you have to be competitive on pricing. That means that a standard local Gold Coast transfer doesn’t pay the bills. Thankfully we’re doing quite well on Gold Coast to Brisbane airport transfers  and we’re improving on Brisbane airport transfer searches.

We’re working hard to get better ranks for Peter and hope to soon see fruits of our labour in the form of page one results.

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