Lightweight Electric Single Speed

electric single speed

Aren’t we all getting a lot older these days. Okay, maybe not you, my audience, but I certainly am. The days when I’d do a 50km round-trip at the end of a day, just to attend a committee meeting, are barely even a memory. These days a 50km commute requires an engine.

The way I see it though, electric bikes have half an engine. We, the cyclists, are the other half. That’s how it should be. We’re not looking to replace cycling with motorcycling. We just want to assist our (ageing) legs.

What’s missing from the equation is a sleek, purposeful, assisted bike. 

Enter State Physical eBikes

The bike you see above is the State Physical Single Speed eBike Commuter. It uses an Aikema hub motor, which I’m glad to see has a torque sensor. I haven’t ridden the State Physical or a bike with the Aikema hub, but I do know that motors without torque sensors aren’t nearly as nice to ride as those that do. A torque sensor knows when you’re applying pressure, and how much, and can react accordingly. And immediately. Those without torque sensors rely on sensors in the wheel and pedals to tell it when things are moving. There’s a lag as they wait for several iterations to prove things are moving. And they have no way of knowing how much effort is being applied, and is therefore required in return. An ebike with a torque sensory is you riding the bike. With assistance. An ebike without one is like the motor doing it’s own thing while you do yours. 

But enough of that. What matters here is the bike looks fantastic. 

ebike single speed

And plenty of ebikes don’t. Plenty of ebikes look like they got hit with a bunch of ugly sticks.  

As you can see in their video below. It’s a nice looking piece of kit. (The video makes it look warm in England, which I don’t believe. But we won’t hold that against them.)

I haven’t had the opportunity to ride the State Physical ebikes (because I live in sunny Australia). So I checked out their reviews. So far it looks good. 

Good Reviews

Those are live reviews from Facebook and TrustPilot. As a web dude myself I rely on these kind of reviews for my clients. I trust these reviews in the same way I trust them to represent my clients faithfully. We all work hard to get good reviews.

An interesting side story here, Google doesn’t trust its own reviews. They know they can be faked. When you see stars next to Google Adwords listings, those stars are from TrustPilot, or, or one of about a half dozen trusted Google partners. In other words, TrustPilot reviews are hard to fake. (And if you want to find out how to get more reviews in a cost effective way, talk to me.) 

Seven Speed eBike

There other offering is a seven speed ebike. It makes sense to have gears when you have an ebike. If you want to match the effort of the motor, you’ll need to change gears. Good news is, the seven speed bike looks good too.

seven speed ebike

For more information about State Physical ebikes click on the big button below. 

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