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When I discovered that Pedal Clothing company had a flanny style jersey (that’s plaid for you in other countries), I thought, struth mate, I want one. I thought, crikey. I thought, stone the flaming crows.

My inner bogan needed one of these. I just about grew up in flannies. Even now my wardrobe has more flannies than business shirts. And now I ride in a flanny as well.

pedal cycling plaid

I’m not much of one for proper cycling gear. I can do a couple hours in the saddle without lyrca. However,  I’ve done enough cycling to know that sometimes it helps to have skin tight stuff. But what I want to avoid in my lycra is being a neon sign or dressing like a fake pro (complete with their sponsors). 

Pedal Clothing have some wonderful patterns and styles to choose from. If you really must get yourself team clothing, they’ve got stacks of that as well. But they also have some florals, some cool retros, a sprinkling of slothes. And some stuff that just plain funny. Hello plaid.

Check out some more of their designs below.

The Fit Of Pedal Clothing Co Jersey

It’s winter here in Australia and despite the sterotype of it being hot and sunny all the time, it’s actually quite cold in much of the country. Thankfully I live in Queensland so I can play up to the stereotypes. That said, it was a frosty 19C (66F) when I took my jersey on its first ride today. I’m so glad the sun was shining. And I had my merino layer underneath. Brr. 

The first thing I noticed was the fit. You want a jersey like this to be snug. But you don’t want a jersey that digs in under the arms. Or rides up your back. 

I got a medium and it’s definitely a snug fit. I’m 165cm but if I was a bit more portly I’d want a larger size. If you’re young and fit, get the size you normally would. If you’re old and (ahem) rounded, get the next size up.

The jersey is a little bit longer at the back, as you’d hope, and has three pockets.

I was always comfortable wearing the Pedal Clothing jersey, both on or off the bike. I did get a few double-takes and discomforting stares. But the clothing itself was fine.

Construction Of Pedal Clothing Co Jersey

I’m no seamstress but I know enough to spot some seams that aren’t going to fall apart. They’re all nicely overlocked and there are no areas where I’d have any concerns.

The material is a nice light material that would be good for summer. I like natural material but there is an advantage to synthetics for cycling. I got caught out the other night in a cotton t-shirt. When the sun started going down my sweaty back got very cold. On the other hand, with the merino under layer I was very comfy riding with the Pedal Clothing jersey.  I’d expect to be happy wearing this during our steamy summers also.

The bottom of the jersey has a thick elastic band. This has a strip of grippy rubber in it to prevent the jersey from riding up. 

Get Your Own Pedal Clothing Gear

Pedal Clothing provided this jersey to me free of charge so I could review it. I did not and do not receive any payments for endorsing them. With that out of the way, let me tell you I’m happy to point you toward their website. I reckon you’ll be happy with the gear you purchase there. They have shorts and bibs as well as jerseys, which I have not tried. 

If you want to wear some original designs. Get cycling gear at decent prices. And you some quality clobber, go check them out.

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