Electric Scooter VS Skateboards

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If you are looking to buy a commuting device then electric bikes, electric scooters, skateboards, and hoverboards are some good options. Here, we will just talk about electric scooters and skateboards. Now, let us discuss both of them. So, after reading this guide, you can decide which option is good for you.  Both electric skateboard and scooter have pros and cons. We will discuss the important features of electric skateboards and electric scooters.

Electric scooters have many types that might include folding scooters, kids’ scooters, and 3 wheels electric scooters for adults.

Basic comparison 

The decision to buy the right machine depends upon your needs and requirements. If you want to judge these electric scooters and skateboards then, it is recommended that you judge them on basic factors which include speed, price range, size, and most importantly conformability.

If your primary focus is on last-minute commuting then you can choose any one of these, as both the electric scooter and electric skateboard can be carried in public. In a nutshell, both electric scooters and electric skateboards have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Only your decision is important while choosing an electric scooter and electric skateboard because at the end of the day you have your own unique preferences and needs.

Speed of an Electric Skateboard

Speed is the most asked and searched factor regarding both of these electric scooters and electric skateboards. The speed of both machines depends upon a number of factors like terrain, the machine’s motor, weight, etc.

We made a comparison just for you regarding speed, so you can be the judge. In our findings, the fastest speed that an electric skateboard has ever achieved is 59.55mph, which was mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Please note that the speed of an electric skateboard may vary from model to model. If we talk about the fastest skateboard ever made, then the “boosted Stealth” and “Qu4tro” come in mind.

Speed of an Electric Scooter

When it comes to electric scooters, there is no record for the fastest electric scooter speed. But in our findings, there is an electric scooter name “Nanrobot D5+” which can achieve a top speed of 55mph. If we focus on the motor of these electric scooters, we can see that these scooters are capable of reaching speeds of more than 55mph.

Ease in operating

The compatibility and handling of these machines differ significantly. Some are very easy to handle while others have an amazingly compact design. Sometimes special stances are required to ride an electric skateboard.

Both vehicles can balance bodyweight very easily. The safety of both machines is made with standard safety precautions in mind. The balancing factor for the rider is important to factor in both scooters and skateboards.

Price Comparison

Both the electric scooter and the skateboard have different prices which depend upon the specifications.

Many factors affect this price difference. But, electric skateboards are not commonly found in the market. On the other hand, you can easily buy an electric scooter in the market for under 350 USD. While a professional skateboard can be bought under the range of 300 – 1000 USD. Belt-driven electric skateboards are a bit economical as compared to their counterparts.

There are hundreds of different models of electric scooters which are packed with many features and this provides the scooter with extra stability. Nano Robot D5+ model is a good option to consider here. These scooters can cost you up to 450 USD, which is 100 dollars more than the base model.

The Electric Scooters market

Recently we have seen a trend in the market, where a lot of companies started manufacturing electric scooters. 3 Wheel electric scooters for adults are also trending now. Electric scooter manufacturers are fulfilling the demand and supply ratio. That’s why electric scooters are easily available in the market as compared to electric skateboards.


We have covered a basic comparison between electric scooters vs skateboards. It’s very difficult to cover all details about electric scooters and skateboards in a single article. But, we have covered some basic information about them both.

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