Turbo Kenevo e-Bike Makes Mountains Fun

turbo konevo

Looking for a lightweight cycling mountain bike that can blast you along the downhills? Look no more, since the Specialized Turbo Kenevo e-bike is a magnificent machine that allows you carry out your journeys longer, and with less impact when riding on the dirt.

One of the latest and most capable bicycles in Specialized lineups, the Turbo Kenevo allows for lower levels of assistance and higher controls.

On the downhills, the bicycle offers the feel of an analogue, giving you complete control and stability. On the uphill gives you the advantages an eMTB is designed for, the electric usage comes into play, making the ride uphill feel freeing and enjoyable.

With an increased battery life and a smaller charging cycle, the turbo Kenevo is ready when you are, giving you longer miles and shorter breaks.

With a chassis to support a full ride and give you full stiffness and handling, the Turbo Kenevo connects directly to the three mounting points of a bicycle, removing frame flex and maximizing your control even on the roughest terrain.

A bike that can endure big rocks and even bigger hurdles, terrain variations are a common deal when riding on the mountains. The Kenevo e-mountain bike allows for the rider to have an immense amount of control over the terrain.

With an ample battery pack and an advanced motor system, the mountain bike allows for impeccable off-road qualities and the seamless electric assistance Specialized is famous for.

The terrain and riding conditions mountain bikes are exposed to can be readily dealt with by the Turbo Kenevo E-Mountain Bike, as it contains the chassis fit for a ride outdoors that is made to handle the increasing demands of trail riding and mountain trekking.

With ample suspension and great handling, the Turbo Kenevo E-Mountain Bike, allows for the rider to have excellent control over the bike and resists the bike from tipping forward in downhill declines and slopes.

The body of the Turbo Kenevo e-Bike makes use of an alloy material that is extremely lightweight but offers a great deal of stiffness and material rigidity. This allows for the biker to have immense coordination between his commands and the bicycles reactions.

With the battery tucked inside the central tube, the Turbo Kenevo E-Mountain Bike, offers a great riding experience in rainy and muddy terrains as nothing is exposed to the direct environment.

The battery pack is also beautifully integrated with the motor and impeccably runs to allow the rider to have an ease in the uphill climb experience.

The wheels offer a nimble ride that allow for great maneuverability of the tires and allows the rider to avoid and unnecessary obstacles and rocks.

The Turbo Kenevo allows for 6 distinct geometry settings to allow for the rider to have an immersive and readily comfortable experience as it allows the rider to make easy adjustments to hone performance any terrain type.

The rider has an immense amount of control on the bike, and it allows for less hang-up meaning more control, adaptability and speed. So, if you happen to be in the northern California area then please check out this Specialized e-Bikes dealer near San Francisco for a test ride!

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