What Should You Wear for Indoor Cycling?


Indoor cycling is a fun way to jump into the world of cycling. This activity is adopted by many people for various purposes, including fun, fitness, and health benefits. It is always a delightful experience to be in a cycling class with expert trainers and a stationary bike.

Beginners often wonder about “what to wear for cycling class.” Indoor cycling makes you sweat even in the intense winter season. Cycling cleans your body by making you sweat, and body posture is improved as well. Appropriate clothing will let you spin in comfort.

To ride your indoor bike, select the best stationary bike attire equipped with the comfort you are looking for. In that regard, this article will tell you about the mandatory pieces of cycling wear to ride any indoor bike.

Cycling Shorts

Shorts are the first and the most important piece of clothing to prepare for indoor cycling. You can select your favourite color as these cycling shorts come in a range of shades and designs. While using an indoor bike, aerodynamics is not mandatory, although cycling shorts are designed to support it.

Special padding inside the shorts bolsters the pelvic bones of the riders. Shorts made of thin fabric have a low moisture-holding capacity and stay supple during sweating. I suggest you look for shorts come with mesh panels (at least one mesh panel per leg. It really helps keeping you cool and longer on the bike during summer rides.

Sports Bra

This clothing piece is essential if you are going to ride an indoor bike. A supportive sports bra drains moisture from your skin and wicks it away. Some cyclers wear only a sports bra while spinning for better airflow because indoor class rides can get intense and hot.

Cycling Top

Wearing a top or shirt is up to you because some people prefer covering their body while others do not wear it. However, you won’t be able to ride an indoor cycle without a shirt, and no one will recommend it.

Base top layers are compatible with any sports shorts and bras. These thin, fitting, high-performance tops do not hold the sweat and prevent friction from enhancing the cycling ability. These specially designed base layer tops will not weigh down owing to sweating.

Cycling Shoes

Clipless shoes are necessary if you are riding a bike in the open for longer distances, both for safety and efficient pedal stroke. But this piece of cycling clothing is optional while riding an indoor cycle, in fact often you would find non-professional riders use regular sneakers for indoor cycling.

With that said, if your bike has the pedals to accommodate cycling shoes, I would highly recommend using clipless indoor cycling shoes. They are built with stiff soles which will let you ride like a pro without bending feet across the pedals. There is a getting used to period, but once you are used to wearing cycling shoes, you will love the power efficiency and pedal stroke feel.


The fourth piece of clothing for cyclers is the socks that are necessary. Unlike regular socks, sports socks in general will keep your feet cool and moisture controlled while spinning. Socks are essential because they will prevent painful twists and feet from becoming irritating due to sweating. You can choose short ankle socks or 6 inches long socks for riding indoors.

Other Accessories

Although it is not mandatory to wear a headband, it is good to put on during indoor classes. Headbands will keep your hair tied on your head, and continuous movements won’t let them block your vision. Moreover, you can keep a small towel in your training bag if the gym does not provide it.


Indoor cycling clothing is an integral part of fully enjoying a cycling experience. Being on a bike indoors or out there on the road will bring you immense joy, and you will forget what is happening around you. Select your spin cycling clothes wisely to ride in comfort.

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