8 Reasons to Cycle in a Group

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘strength in numbers’ before. It means that if you’re going to do something risky, it’s safer and more beneficial if you do it in a group of people. But why is this the case? We all know that cycling is a great way to stay fit, explore new places and meet new people while having fun. However, not everyone feels comfortable hitting the road alone or with just one other friend or family member. There are times when riding with friends or others is preferable – you might feel safer in a larger group, or perhaps you would get bored or lose focus if it was just you and your partner. In this blog post we’ll explore why cycling in a group is so beneficial and give you ten great reasons to jump on your bike with friends whenever possible!

Knowing you’re not alone can help ease your fears.

If you’re a new or inexperienced cyclist, you might feel a bit uneasy hitting the road alone. You may worry about being too far from home or being too close to heavy traffic. If you usually ride with just one other person, you may sometimes feel like you’re not really ‘enough’ people. A bigger group might ease some of those fears. When you’re in a larger group, you can rest assured that you’ll have other cyclists around you in case of an emergency. You might also feel more comfortable talking about your worries and concerns with others in the group.


Safety in numbers.

When you ride with a group of cyclists, you are more visible to drivers and have a greater chance of being seen by them in heavy traffic. Riding in a group also forces you to ride at a proper pace and in a safe formation. If you’re new to cycling or are just starting to ride with others, you can rest assured that the more experienced cyclists in the group will help keep you safe. If you’re part of a club or a cycling team, you’ll have others to turn to if you run into any challenges or need assistance with repairs. Studies have also shown that when drivers pass cyclists, they tend to give them more room when there is more than one cyclist in sight.

Group workouts can be more fun and engaging.

Cycling is a great form of exercise and is often used as a training method for other athletes. If you like riding with a group, you may find that your workouts are more interesting and engaging. Cycling with others can challenge you to go at a level you might not have tried on your own. In a group, there’s no shortage of people who are ready and willing to push you to try something new. Buddies in a group can help keep you motivated and support you on days you feel lazy. You can also stop by a local coffee shop or have occasional social catch-ups to help build better bonds.

You’ll get to know other cyclists in your area.

If you join a cycling club or just ride with a few friends regularly, you’ll probably meet and get to know lots of other cyclists in your area. You might make new friends just by joining cycling groups on social media. Whether you ride with friends or a club, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other cyclists in your area and learn more about their cycling habits and beliefs. You can share tips and suggestions with each other and even meet up for other activities and adventures outside of your cycling time.

You’ll discover new places to ride.

With regular cycling trips with friends or a club, you’ll probably discover new places to ride in your area. You may find that you ride to a new restaurant or coffee shop or just enjoy discovering new paths and trails that you might not have found on your own. Cycling with a group can offer you a greater variety of destinations and lead you to new places. If you ride with a club or just with a few friends regularly, you’ll probably have lots of options for new rides and destinations to try out.

You’ll build greater overall fitness.

If you regularly ride with a cycling club or a few friends, you’ll probably notice that your overall fitness builds much faster than when you ride solo. You’ll likely push yourself to ride faster and longer, which builds strength and endurance more quickly. You’ll probably also find that you have more energy when you ride with others, which will help you push yourself even more. You may also find that you interact more with your fellow riders when you’re in a group and are less focused on how you feel. This can be a great way to get fit and stay fit without feeling as tired or drained.

It helps you understand how to train with others.

If you’re an athlete who needs to train with others, you’ll probably learn a lot from riding with a group of cyclists. You’ll likely pick up lots of tips and tricks for riding with others and for setting up group training rides. If you’re part of a club or regularly ride with friends, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for advice on training and competition tips. You may also get advice on the best places to train and rest.

It promotes a healthy habit that lasts beyond cycling trips.

If you regularly cycle with a group, you may find that the habit carries over into your daily routine. You may even find that you look forward to your regular cycling trips and that they become almost like mini vacations every weekend. If you ride regularly with a group, you may also develop greater stamina and endurance than if you ride solo. This can help you ride with greater ease on your own. Need a cycling group? Try KeepActive to find or create local physical activity groups – cycling clubs, tennis socials, hiking groups & lots more

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