95 % hard rubbish

Challenged my self if I could build a bike out of hard rubbish that looked half decent . I did buy the tyres but they were used on anther bike before.  So all parts were 2nd hand , even the spay paint was a unused half full can from work . It is a single speed and the rear free wheel is a converted cluster .  I ride it for short journeys and although it cost me nothing ….I would spew if it got stolen as its one of my faverite bikes .


  1. SSGC

    That’s real good work. I’ve put together a few bikes from spares and they don’t always come together like you hoped. That one looks like it turned out just like you’d hoped.

  2. timmey

    Oh ..you know… it took some evil builds and mistakes to get some thing that was thumbs up

  3. timmey

    Luck was on my side , some people throw out classic bikes , had a ceil walker to get parts off ..think this was a one off find

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