Its a bitsa

Pulled this single speed together buying parts across the mighty interweb and the shed. All up about $450. Aluminium frame which took a while getting used to the stiffness compared to my previous steel framed steed. I roughly replicated the cockpit from my hardtail racing mountain bike so I didnt have that weird sensation going from narrow bars to steering a lounge chair on the mountain bike in races. I originally had 2 red spoked wheels on it but numerous broken spokes I cut my losses and went with the wanker aluminium 5 spoke “tuff” wheel from my childhood. Feels like a big fly wheel when you get it up to speed.
Recent developments (ie yesterday) of a cracked frame on this bike has permanently put it out of action, the parts have been harvested and frankensteined onto an old steel frame I had. I’ve ordered a new State bicycles Contender (after reading your review) from Glen at Canrdly Treadlies and I should pick it up this week (takes a bit to get to Perth as we are in 1998 over here and the delivery truck needs to be a Delorian).

Great blog and will be good to see other peoples bikes be it full originals like the Contender or unique builds.


  1. SSGC

    Nice work. And thanks for christening Show Us Ya Bike. Too bad about the cracks but you can’t go wrong with the Contender. That’s a great bike.

  2. timmey

    That’s a bad ass bike ..I would of thought 800 bucks plus to build that stealth road hugger

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