Dreamer RV Caravan Mattress Toppers


Plenty of our cyclists travel with their bikes. Some bike journals even have a dedicated #vanlife section, especially the mountain bike ones. The thing about travel though is you’re never as comfortable as you would be at home. This didn’t bother me too much when I was in my 20s. Now that I’m…older…I’m looking for more comfort (for my tired old bones). Having invested too much in a caravan already it’s a hard sell to try and convince me to upgrade my mattress. And most mattress toppers don’t properly fit carvavn beds. Except…

Dreamer RV

caravan mattress topper
The Dreamer RV caravan mattress topper is made to fit caravan beds. As you can see from the image above. This simple concept was dreamed up by Tara and James while on the road for 2 years in their own caravan. As they travelled around Australia they spoke to plenty of people who all wished there was a mattress topper they could buy for their caravan. It clearly was a product niche waiting to be exploited. When they settled down, Tara and James realised it was time to act. We all get ideas and rarely follow them through. They knew they’d done this before, discussed ideas and let them drift away. This time they got active and started designing, testing and manufacturing mattress toppers. They were well connected to people to test their product, being part of the caravan community. They also had their own caravan to test with. Soon they had sourced some quality memory foam and a manufacturer to produce the product they wanted. And thus was born the Dreamer RV caravan mattress topper.

Caravan Bedding

While you’re at it, you should get some fitted caravan sheets. MeanderWild supply high-quality fitted caravan sheets. 

MeanderWild fitted caravan sheets

Normal sheets don’t fit caravan beds properly. They end up being scrunchy in places, bagging in others, move around too much and give you the irates. Sheets designed specifically for caravan fit like the proverbial glove. MeanderWild’s sheets have a 550 thread count so they should last you for ages. Check em out. 

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