Best Single Speeds Available on the Gold Coast

There aren’t a heap of options for buying good single speeds on the Gold Coast yet. Here are a few options in the middle income bracket:

(Get the middle one, in orange and black. It’s the best value and looks great.)
Handling is sharp and track bike-like but still very city friendly. Spec is sensible and pretty good for the price.
Still a few of the 2009 versions around for under $600. Good pickings at that price but you’ll be tempted on the colours of the 2010 version. Bullhorn bars and good spec make for street cred but ditch the silly top bar cushion.
Haven’t ridden this one but spec seems good. Nice to see Avanti going steel for their single speeds. Pretty sure they’ve been aluminum till recently. Get these for $700-800 if you sweet talk your local dealer.
If you’re lucky you can find one of these nifty bikes around. They have that classic track bike look. Drop bars complete the image. If you remember Stephen Pate and Martin Vinnicombe then this could be the bike for you.
I worry about buying generic bikes and I’ve seen the a full carbon Cell and was not impressed. It’s noodle-like frame would hardly be a rewarding ride. That said, you wonder how much can go wrong on a single speed double butted 4130 steel frame? And the spec sheet reads well. It’s $599 with free shipping to the Gold Coast. I’d be tempted. (I’d certainly like to hear from anyone who has one!)


  1. MICK

    whats your take on the Norco Spade 2011 model,…bought one an lovin it,…paid $860 new rrp is $999

  2. Gold Coast Single Speed

    That’s an awesome bike Mick. Norco can always be trusted to knock out a good bike. I really like the front fork, how it comes down to a nice taper.

    I don’t see any fixies in the current Norco line-up. I wonder have they dropped them?

  3. Anonymous

    Any views of reviews on the Malvern Star One Star, fixie/track retro bike. RRP of about $799, they look the part and seem to be a resonable spec list for the dollars. I snuck one out of the local pawn broker for a bit over $200 as new with Bontrager 23c tyres.

    I’m getting hooked on the fixie riding again, I rode a track bike around the Gold Coast in 1982 as a daily ride to school and to the beach with a single fin surfboard under my arm…

    I’m thinking a nice italian made fixie/single could be my next step, but at 10 times the price, should I be content with what I have.

    1. James Pollock

      I’m sure there is some kind of Buddhism and not fixies we’d be practicing the philosophy of being content with what we have. Unfortunately there are beautifully handmade Italian shiny things tempting us and of course we should aspire to them.

      The Malvern Star looks like another great contender in our genre. There are a few bargains to be had and sounds like you definitely got one.

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