Single Speed Beer and Martini

No doubt Mountain Goat beer is the brew of choice for any single speeder worth his salt, and why not, it’s the best beer on the planet (Hightail Ale thank-you, equal best to Gold Coast’s own Burleigh Brewing Pale Ale) but surely the Single Speed drink of choice is the Martini.

Quoth Barnaby Conrad III in “The Martini”: The Perfect Martini, as an idea, has infinite possibilities. For me the Dry Martini remains an America symbol of elusive perfection, a kind of pagan Holy Grail. The dedicated Martini drinker views this deceptively simple cocktail as a true, if fleeting, salvation, a chance to savor the best possible moments before war, bankruptcy, or time itself takes it all away.

Here’s how to make the perfect Martini. 80% South Gin (yes…world’s best) and 20% Cinzano Dry. Be careful with them. How James Bond ever managed to be dapper after a shaken not stirred is anyone’s business. He shoulda been drunk as a skunk.

If you like your martini truly dry try this recipe by Sir Winston Churchill.  He poured the gin and then glanced briefly at a bottle of vermouth across the room.

My own recipe, the Martinus Natravalova. As above with a drop of Angostura bitters. If you can spot the typo you haven’t made it strong enough.

PS: Olive is superfluous. It’s mixing business with pleasure. Martini is business.

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