Velogear  are causing a bit of a stir as an online retailer, not because they have a beautifully presented website (such as Mojo Bikes), no the website is awful but the prices and products are great.
Voodoo Wazoo at Velogear

What impresses me about Velogear and separates them from the pack is they have known brands for sale at a price you can’t get elsewhere, such as the cyclocross bike from Voodoo Cycles. The Voodoo frames on the Velogear website might be from years past but they’re classic steel rides and you can’t go wrong there. They’re better finished that their anonymous cousins, the Wazoo above having sliding drop-outs and a wave of supporters who’ll swear it’s the last bike they’ll ever own.
Lime Splice
Velogear also has some generic bikes, the Lime Splice shown above priced from $645. See their website for details

The Wasabi frame and fork combo is only $199 and is a lugged, double-butted cro-mo frame. 
Velogear Wasabi

Velogear’s website is a little incomprehensible and hides some of the goodies. Here’s a few shortcuts:

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  1. Mat

    But their service is terrible. Listing items that they don’t have in stock and then stalling for weeks why they wait on stock that never comes. I’ve just had the worst online shopping experience with them and will not be trying them again. Off tow Wiggle and Chain Reaction with the prices and service are number 1.

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