Bianchi Fixie Bikes

Bianchi Pista

Pista means Track in Italian and Bianchi’s fixies are very definitely in a traditional track bike style. The frame geometry and head-down bum-up approach are ready to race. They are also beautifully made and as close to a work of art as most fixie freaks would ever care to own.

The Pista and the Pista Via Condotti both share the same Bianchi double-butted steel frame and start retailing for about $1,000-odd.

The Dalmine (shown below) has an aluminium frame and even some brakes.

Bianchi Dalmine

Last in the series is the Pista Via Brera, a steel frame fixie with flat bar, brakes and demure tan finish which Bianchi is marketing as “mocha”.

Bianchi Via Brera

See the Bianchi fixie bikes here.

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