Video: The Spokesman

It’s often quite hard to capture our love of cycling. The line between waxing lyrical and being a wanker is an easy one to cross. Being poetic about something so close to us can often result in crossing over into turgid prose territory. I should know, I’ve written enough. If fact I find any kind of poetry difficult. Check this:

There was a young man with a rock
Strangely shaped like a …

And now I can’t think of anything that rhymes with rock.

Fortunately I have discovered someone else’ work from an artist who seems to capable of capturing the magic of cycling and making it look easy. The following video has a comfortable tempo, a great subject, and captures something of the magic that draws us to cycling without looking like it’s trying too hard:

The Spokesman from dean saffron on Vimeo.

Well done to Dean Saffron for his lovely video.

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