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Hi guys, sorry to interrupt normal services again. But I wanted to give a big up to a client of mine. Gold Coast Pest Inspector

Richard is one of your true professionals. He’s been working in the pest control industry for decades. In that time he’s seen a lot of people enter the industry with meagre qualifications. Some of these carpet cleaning and pest control guys do a weekend course and start spraying chemicals around. That’s not Richard’s style though. He’s fully qualified, has decades of experience, and avoids chemicals where possible. 

It's About Knowing Your Pest

You’ve all ridden with pests. There are the guys who can’t keep a straight line. There are the ones who can’t concentrate. The talkers who don’t know when to shut up. Thing is, you get to know your pest and you can work with them. That’s how Richard works too. (Yeah, I laboured that analogy a lot didn’t I.) His systems rely on knowing how pests work so that he can use the right chemicals in the right amounts.

And then there’s the Exterra natural termite killing solution thing. This system is only available to guys like Richard who are fully licensed. it works by luring the termites into a trap. That trap contains some kind of element that is supposed to be about as harmless as table salt. But it kills termites. It also kills the colony because the termites unwittingly take it back home with them. 

Pest Control

Richard does pest control for all sorts of pests, like cockroaches, rodents, ants and termites.

Pest Inspection

Yeah, the name kind of gives this one away. He definitely does pest inspections.

Also try Zapem Pest Management

Another company we have been dealing with lately is Zapem Pest Management. They also do pest control on the Gold Coast. Whereas Gold Coast Pest Inspector tends to specialize in termite inspections and termite control, Zapem are doing all elements of pest control. If you have rats, mice, spiders or cockroaches (for instance) then these are the guys you want to call. 

Below are some images from Zapem Pest Management. 

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