Tale of Two Single Speeds

The are two strains of thought about single speed. One is they’re the cheapest way of getting a decent and reliable bike. The other is that with all the unnecessary bits removed they are now the purest form of cycling and should be celebrated and lavished.

If you’re in the first camp then check out the last of the 2009 bikes still floating around at Goldcross. Despite what the moron staff told me weeks ago about there being none left, at least a half dozen floor stock of 2009 models suddenly appeared and you can now buy the Draft for under $400 (if you haggle…we got a price of $375) and the Draft Lite for about $275. That’s a seriously cheap piece of transport.

I knew, from having spoken to Goldcross staff in Melbourne, that 2009 stock still abounded. Nice to see that the Goldcross bosses think they can sell single speeds on the Gold Coaast. Hopefully they’re right.

If you’re in camp 2 and want something lovely to ride then check out the Masi sale at Brunswick Street Bicycles. The Special Fixed (shown here) is now only $404 dollars! The Soulville SS is $532. The sale is on for one night only. You’re getting martinis on a beer budget  so get your arse down to Melbourne and buy one.

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