Retrospect Gallery Opening Broadbeach

Retrospect Gallery has long been a highlight of a visit to Byron Bay and they now have a gallery right here on the Gold Coast. Official opening night is this Friday (28th Jan) but you can already go and check out the artworks.

Retrospect Gallery has a great range of urban artists so I’m sure you could find something to suit your fixie lifestyle. Prices are reasonable when considering the quality of the art. Try Free the Bees for $550.

Try some wearable art:

Or Shiner, because you ride like a dog anyway:

While at Retrospect Gallery I also spied the following book, Velo Bicycle Culture and Design. It’s a great book but a little allusive so if you want a copy I suggest you get down to Retrospect Gallery. 
Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design
You can find out a little bit more about the book here or just head on down to Retrospect Gallery. Sign onto the guest book and get an invite to opening night. I might see you down there (if soccer finishes on time…).
How to find Retrospect Gallery
Look carefully at this Google map. It’s where the big hole in the ground is right next to Oasis, just on Charles Street. 

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