Natty Threads for the Fixie

I love the idea of wearing natty threads when riding. The rise of Tweed Runs and an equal focus on what people wear as well as their rides in Treadlie magazine shows that I’m not alone. Right now is the time for Gold Coast riders to step out in style. In two months anything more than board shorts and a t-shirt will be overkill (except for our friends who visit from Cairns, who shiver and reach for a jumper any time the mercury drops  below 30C).

If, like me, you’ve dipped into your own wardrobe and found it alarmingly devoid of anything that could be mistaken for style and culture then maybe you should look to Mister for some stylish clothes for your next fixie outing. I spotted these guys in Frankie magazine, that beautifully presented style and fashion mag produced right here on the Gold Coast.
Bicycle Gang by Mister

Mister have produced a range of cycle inspired threads so now you can drop the tight jeans and t-shirt in the cliche bin and step out in some style. One great thing about the Gold Coast is that it’s almost a style-free zone, with just a few small nascent pockets popping up here and there, so you’ll be guaranteed some kind of unique identity if you’re bold enough to show some true style. Or you could wait for someone else to start wearing this stuff so that your unique identity is safely suckled within the homogeneous group you hang out in…

Inner Tube jacket.  There’s only 22 of these made.
The great thing about these clothes is they’re all from NZ, which has virtual third world economic status now. The flood of economic migrants from NZ is such that the Gold Coast will soon be known as little Auckland. Right now the Australia dollar buys about $1.20 worth of NZ dollars so the prices on the website are really just RRP and the Australian price is the 20% off-on-sale-buy-now price. (With apologize to our Kiwi friends for having a friendly poke at them.)
Kickstand card.  Now you don’t have to trawl op-shops for a good cardi.

Check out Mister for more details and to order online.

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