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Good morning single speeders and fixers. Was perusing the net last night and came across some beautiful custom frames from Primate Frames. They have a handy website with some of the most desirable bike porn I’ve come across in ages…but sadly no intimation of their location. I’m sure it’s there somewhere if some enterprising person was to look hard enough. I couldn’t find it but then again I can’t find the peanut butter when it’s sitting front and centre of the middle shelf.

Thing is, they’re somewhere in Australia (and it’s not that big a country surely) and they made incredibly lovely frames.

I spend a long time gazing longingly through the Google machine here at their silky smooth welds…before I realized they weren’t actually welds. See below.

Behold the loveliness.

I don’t reckon bike builders braze much these days, probably because it’s time consuming and expensive, something like that. But you can see for yourself how beautiful the results can be when done properly. You’re going to spend something like $2,000 getting a frame build up from Primate Frames using fillet brazing but when you look at the results you’d have to push your budget to include it.

More Primate goodness.

As custom frame makers Primate Frames will of course do any frame you can imagine, which includes a share of fixie frames.  You can always go to Primate Frames to check out their wares so I won’t repeat everything here. I’ll leave you with this last one, a fixie/folder love child.

Ben’s WTF… WTF indeed.

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  1. Anonymous

    Bit late, but Primate are based in Wollongong, just south of Sydney. You should check out the folder he’s currently working on; both beautiful and brilliant…

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