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I’ve been spending a bit of time on Vimeo lately. My wife describes it as an obsession, but I hardly think 30 minutes every other day is an obsession, unless maybe you were spending this time to organise your origami collection or categorize parts from your murder victims. That might be an obsession.

For those of you who are wondering what Vimeo is (and curiously I’ve come across a few), it’s like You Tube for adults. Not that I’m a fully-fledged ticket-wearing adult or anything, I still get a kick out of watching people fall over and hurt themselves on You Tube, but for quality and creative video content it’s hard to beat Vimeo.

Anyway, to keep my wife happy we’ll describe it as my Vimeo obsession. I don’t usually get much past the  videos recommended by the Vimeo staff but even there I’ve run across a few videos I’d like to share.

Number one is the Brussels Express.

Who would have known that the capital city of the country that produced Eddy Mercx would be so car-centric? Proves that not all cities in Europe are some kind of bicycle Utopia for us to aspire to. We’ve got it pretty good here on the Gold Coast, at least as far as infrastructure goes. The car drivers are a bunch of knobs but  at least there are bike lanes in many places.

I’m no movie critic but I suspect this next video wasn’t made yesterday.

It all looks so wonderfully time consuming. Now days a wheel is laced and ready without needing a human hand.

The third video is here because it has a fixie in it momentarily. I was halfway through the video before I realised the people playing the instruments were also the people playing out the drama. They are aren’t they? I’m not real good with these things.

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