Single Speed Cycles new Corsa

Single Speed Cycles contacted us the other day to let us know the Corsa, which we reviewed back here, has had a facelift and he’s dropping in a new bike for testing soon. So, stay tuned.

There are some obvious differences straight away, the stem and bars for instance. The quill style stem is gone   and the bars are new. I kinda liked the quill stem, it leant a vintage feel to the bike, but was less convinced about the bars. Single Speed Cycles have been listening to the customers and made changes based on feedback. It’s good to see the raked forked still there. The Corsa was one smooth ride last time round and hopefully some of that has stayed on the updated bike. I’m excited about seeing the new bike in the flesh and taking it for a spin. I’ll be sure to pass on my feedback to Single Speed Cycles and everyone who reads this blog.

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