Being part of the contagion

According to some this video has gone  viral.  I’ve watched it and while I don’t think  it’s a particularly potent virus  I  am already starting to show symptoms. These include an inexplicable desire for justice even though I know there will be none and a lingering  need to yell at the next driver who crosses me (shouldn’t take long).

The video has a half  a million hits already, mainly I suspect because we cyclist identify with this madness (having suffered similar  and perhaps more stupid stuff so many times before). Nothing really spectacular happens. (Spoiler alert: no-one  gets run  over or injured.)

It’s interesting that the driver is a 75 year  old, not some young hot-head. I find that while younger drivers  are pretty wild and reckless at times it takes a certain maturity before the real cycle hating fury grows to a point where it  overwhelms the driver. Next time someone deliberately runs you off the road it’ll be one of two people, a young guy with mates having a lark (nearly killed you just for fun, ha ha!) or some old guy with a belly full of  rage. Watch and enjoy.

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