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Every now and then someone posts their bike pictures to SSGC’s Facebook timeline. I always love seeing the diversity of bikes people are riding. Most people who stumble across this blog are curating their own steed and it’s great to see the love and passion that goes into those beasts they create.

I’m sure we all want to show-off our bikes and have a short ramble about how they came together. So I’ve made a place to upload them and show them.

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There are no rules about content, except of course nothing lude rude or nude. Okay. maybe a little nude so long as it’s not salacious. Post bike bikes, destination pics, anything that tells us about your love of your bike or cycling. The bike doesn’t have to be a single speed or fixie but full-on road bikes wouldn’t really be in keeping with the direction of the blog. Still, I’m not going to be the arbiter. If you love it and you submit it, it stays.

Click the really big button up there and show us your pictures. We’ll post the best ones to Facebook also.

(I’ve added my Brown Jersey just to kick things off.)


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