Rainbows Aren’t Just For World Champs

If you’ve done something that is important and dear to you then I don’t see how someone else doing it diminishes what you’ve done. Unless of course you’re the guy above.

And this guy comes along:

If some rainbow beanie wearing hipster comes along and beats your hour record then yes, your hour record is diminished as a result.

But if you’re these people:

And you truly love each other, does it matter if these people come along:

Just because a bunch of rainbow veil wearing hipsters want to marry doesn’t mean your own marriage is diminished. Not if you truly love each other.

Nick and Sarah Jensen reckon they’ll get a divorce if gay and lesbians get married. Good luck to them I say. I love my wife and reckon I’ll stay married even if they let unicorns marry. After all, we’ve already tolerated this unholy union:

I’m more concerned about what bicycles do in the comfort of their own home. When road bikes and mountain bikes mate, we get this unholy union:

But still, just because they exist, doesn’t mean I refuse to cycle.

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