How To Keep Up Your Cycling During Winter

While it’s summer here in Australia, for many of is winter is upon us and with it comes the cold frosty mornings.

That’s where indoor bikes  handy. Even in the middle of summer I find myself turning to my indoor bike. For me its about time. If I’ve only got 45mins I can get a quality 45min workout.

Cycle From Home

Cycle From Home
That’s where the following article from Cycle From Home comes in. They’re experts on indoor bikes. In the article below they take you through some of the basics you need to know about indoor bikes.

Winter. Not only does this just make it harder to get out of bed and jump on the saddle but the roads can actually be quite dangerous this time of year.

You’re constantly on the lookout for other vehicles but the roads themselves can be quite treacherous.

So during these bleak Winter months, I always want to move my training indoors!

It keeps the dangers at a low and means I can train in a warmer environment

That being said, I usually regret that decision when I’m 20 minutes in and I’m just about to hit inclines!

Grab me a towel!

One of the best ways I found that I can keep up my cycling during Winter though is either using my spin bike or my turbo trainer.

Both are excellent at helping me to maintain my performance when I’m not on the road.

The Spin Bike

Yes, the spin bike does have that different feel to my normal road bike, it’s bulkier and more heavy duty.

However, if I’m looking for a quick HIIT session its very easy to jump on the saddle and straight away it’ll start showing me all of my workout data.

I can see my speed, time, distance, cadence and watt.

Metrics that are given to me instantaneously!

I usually log into YouTube and perform one of the sessions that GCN (Global Cycling Network) have uploaded!

It’s great as the workout is laid out in front of you and tells when to increase or decrease your resistance!

You actually can get affordable spin bikes through the likes of Amazon that are well built and robust but if you’re after one with all the bells and whistles, the price tag definitely does increase!

The Turbo Trainer

turbo trainer

The turbo trainer is awesome where I can connect my own road bike up to so I know the feel of it and feels like I’m just on the road!

Using my turbo trainer I always like to connect up to Zwift.

I simply attach my cadence and speed sensor onto my wheel frame, log into my account and off I go!

This can be more time consuming than jumping onto the spin bike.

However, it’s a much more enjoyable ride as I can compete against others all over the world and try work my way up the leaderboard

Awesome for really getting you motivated!

Turbo trainers can be picked up at a very reasonable price through Amazon.

All you need then is your cadence and speed sensor to go along with it so it picks up all your workout metrics.

So, there you have it!

Two ways you can keep up your cycling during the cold, bleak winter months without having to leave your home.

It will help keep up your performance and could ultimately improve your endurance and strength!

For More Info on Indoor Bikes...

For more information head over to see our friends from Cycle Form Home. They have a repsitory of information on indoor cycling that will inform and interest anyone interested in indoor bikes. 

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