Green Electric Scooters

I love electric bikes. I was young and enthusiastic when I started this blog. All I needed was a single gear and my own legs. Now I’m old and…get to experience what it’s like being 20 again, thanks to my electric bike.

There’s an issue with electric bikes that’s hard to resolve though. Portability. You need a certain amount of space to store one. In my case it’s hanging on the wall next to me. It just out into my office/workshop and kind of dominates the room. If you want to take it somewhere  you inevitably have to lock your $5,000 investment up (with a whopping big lock) and hope it’s there when you come back.

And that's why you get a scooter...

Scooters are a fun and practical way to get around. The local hospital staff seem to have unanimously adopted them as their main form of transport. Whether riding from the hospital to their cars, or riding home, I see them as I pass the opposite direction on my way to mountain biking. Apart from that one guy who rides unicycle, just about everyone has an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are great for short trips, like visits to the local coffee shop. I just walked back from a morning coffee in 90 percent humidity and 30 degree in the sensible scale (celcius). Man I wish I had an electric scooter. 

Environmentally Friendly

I was reading an article the other day that said that charging a Tesla could be more expensive than a petrol car. That’s an interesting reflection on the cost of moving large vehicles. Whether they’re electric or fuel, they’re a lot of mass to move. Using a 1,000+ kg vehicle to transport a 70+ kg person just doesn’t make much sense (for many journies). 

The smaller the vehicle the less power it needs. And vehicles don’t get much smaller than electric scooters. Green Electric Scooters can definitely make the claim of being green. 

How green your Green Electric Scooter is will depend somewhat on how your local power is produced? Coal? Gas? Wind? But really, is it even an issue when you’re using so little energy to power along? You’re so far ahead of what emissions a car would produce that’s it’s hardly worth counting. 

green electric scooters

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