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Are you a person? Are you a person who wears t-shirts?

I bet you are. Name me one person who doesn’t wear t-shirts. Apart from the Dalai Llama.

My guess is you’ve got about twenty t-shirts in various stages of disrepair. And one day you’re going to cull them and replace them with some decent t-shirts. (Except that one t-shirt that’s 10 years old and you love it too much.)

Well do I have a solution for you. It’s called Threads Of Adventure. They’ve been kind enough to send me one of the t-shirts and when I’m not wearing it I’m usually just naked*, I love it so much.

Man Soft

Okay, the above heading makes an obscure reference to Day Of The Dolphin, a weird 70s movie my sister made we watch about 50 times and now doesn’t remember at all.

The point, if there is one, is that man is soft. And man should therefore have a nice soft t-shirt. The Threads Of Adventure have a lovely soft cotton that’s a joy to wear. It’s similar to the Uniclo or Nike t-shirts I own. My wife is some kind of expert in fabrics and she’d tell you more about this if I asked her. But since I haven’t, let’s just say, they feel great to wear.

Fits Grouse

No, this isn’t a reference to clothing birds. For some reason we Australians say grouse when we mean good.

I like a shirt that isn’t too baggy. Like you, I ride a bike. I’m not trying to hide my body behind a sack cloth. But I’m not exactly ripped neither. Ideally a t-shirt should have a bit of space without being baggy. The TOA shirts fitted just bonza (which is another thing we say here in Oz).

I’ve got some t-shirts I won’t wear during summer. That might sound strange but here on the Gold Coast we get humidity that’s equivalent to swimming in a pool of your own sweat. This is wear a soft, light, and not too tight, t-shirt is good. The shirts that are too tight or too heavy don’t get worn. But (you guessed it!) the TOA shirt was spot on. (Which only makes we wonder why I have an entire drawer dedicated to t-shirts but I only wear about five of them.)

Tasteful Designs

Looking for something that expresses your personality? But not in a shouty way? Then you might be in the right place. TOA t-shirts have tasteful designs that don’t make you feel like you’re trying to hard to tell the world you cycle. 

Go get one. You’ll like it. There’s a green clicky thing below that takes you right there.

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