Trek Single Speeds

Trek Single Speeds

Trek are another bike company who now have an Urban category on their website. No self-respecting bike company would fail to put a single speed in their newly created Urban stable…except perhaps Trek Australia.

The Yankee website lists the Soho S under their Urban category but the Australian site does not, only the Soho, which has a 7-speed Nexus hub. I’m a big fan of internal hubs but obviously a bike with  7 speeds is not a single speed and we’re prevented by International Agreements from discussing them too much on a single speed website.

The Australian website does have a link for the Soho S, it just takes you to the Soho. So, let’s assume for a few minutes that the Soho S is available in Oz. Trek have invested in massive one page adverts stating, “We Believe In Simplicity”. They simply forgot to put the bike on their website, that’s all.

Trek Soho S

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