Jube Customs, custom fixies for cheap

Today I picked up a fixie from Jube Customs and you dear reader can expect a full review within the week. (Or maybe slightly without the week but soonish okay.)

Jube Customs have a good thing going with the usual online fixie sales but more interestingly they’re customizing the bikes in ways that aren’t being offered elsewhere. They’ll tear down a bike, re-spray it, colour match it, paint the stem and handlebars too if you wish, and put together a genuine custom one-off made just for you. It’s not quite the same as getting a full custom meaured and welded and specced up from scratch but if you have champagne tastes but are on a beer budget then this is as near as you’ll get for the price. Prices of customs vary but most seem to be in the $600-650 range.

Here are a few pics to whet your appetite and I’ll be back with a review of the Jube Custom fixie in the near future.

The bike I’m reviewing reclining at Kangaroo Point

A customized bike.

Some stock bikes.

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