Cash in Fuck You Quantities

My father didn’t make stash on stash selling white slaves to Africa but I’m still loaded. I got cash in fuck you quantities.

So what, that makes you uncomfortable? Well stop reading my blog. You see, this blog is a cash cow like you couldn’t imagine. Sure, I still work a regular job and blog around that in my spare time, but the simple fact of the matter is that blogging is one of the most lucrative things you’ll ever do.

Take the Google ads in the sidebar. Under the terms and conditions of the advertising agreement I’m not allowed to offer incentives for you to click on those ads. So I won’t. I’d hate to jeopardize something that generates up to $2 revenue per month. Yep, Google have pretty much got me by the balls on that one because they put food on my table.

You might notice the Reid ads though and under that agreement (as in, “hi, yep we’ll have an advert please. cool thanks.”) I can do whatever the hell I want. So what I’m going to say to you is support those who support me. I’ve got a Porsche and polo pony to support and I’m sugardaddy to a couple of girls young enough to be my daughters. That stuff is pretty much cleaning me out each month. Getting to the point where I can’t keep the copter in the air. It’s not that I think I should have these things, it’s just expected of you in blogging circles. So please check out the Reid stuff. Here, I’ll make it super easy, click this link below:

Speaking of Reid, they have free shipping at the moment. So if you live in Dubbo take advantage. Better yet, some obscure town in the back woods of WA. I used to love it when I sold something on Ebay and didn’t calculate shipping properly and some guy from Albany bought it. Shipping on a 2nd hand laptop could cost more than the purchase price.

Reid have new custom colours available on the Harriers now too. I reviewed the Harrier back and rated it highly. Probably the best value fixie on  the market. No short cuts of cheap bits on the bike anywhere. But do you care about that stuff. So long as you can get it in orange with lime green rims right?

If you are looking to buy a Harrier then save yourself 5% and support my expensive drugs habits by using my affiliate link. You click on this and then use the code GCSS5 at the check-out. Here, let me make it easy for you:

Some of you are probably thinking, why should I support this rich prick? Sure, I’ve got more money than God can count but I’m the only guy next to Richard Branson likely to build an inter-gallactic cruise ship. And if you don’t buddy up with me you wont be on-board. It’ll be just me, my crew of flying monkeys and cryogenic friends.

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