Share the spoils, 10% discount with my new sponsor

I’ve mentioned before what a lucrative business this blogging is. After I’ve paid my Nigerian spammers to write this stuff and fed and clothed my flying monkeys there’s always more than enough left over to maintain my lavish lifestyle (read: bingo and corned beef at the RSL).

You on the other hand have to live within your means. But that’s okay. I understand. That’s why I’m so happy to announce my new sponsor. Under the terms of the non-disclosure clause I can’t reveal how many millions they’re paying to appear on these pages. The important thing here is you, the reader, get to share in the largess. Until the end of November you can get a 10% discount on all Brown Jersey purchases by using this code at the check-out:

You might remember the Brown Jersey which I review here. If not, click on the underlined bits to go flying back in time. I love my Divvy Van almost as much as I love my flying monkeys. It’s recently been converted back from fixie to single speed to accommodate the warmer weather we’re having here. I’m still trying to ride to clients for the moment and need my coasting time for cooling purposes. Any excuse to ride it really.
Go buy a Brown Jersey while you can. If you already have too many bikes, that’s okay. I have too many bikes also and I was still able to accommodate a Brown Jersey in my garage. And now it’s by far my most ridden bike. It’s one of those bikes that makes you want to find reasons to go ride. I’ve been known to ride it round the front yard while chatting to clients on the phone. Any excuse.
Brown Jersey also have a good range of parts and accessories. They have Brooks B17 saddle, for instance, which the bike above is just begging for. I’m sure it’ll be on my shopping list sometime before the end of Nov and I’ll be sure to use SSPEEDGC as I check-out.
Many thanks to Brown Jersey for not only making a fine bike but supporting the efforts of a desperate and deranged blogger. 

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